Brief info

Dance experience:
2008-present: studies under Suhaila Salimpour and previously Jamila Salimpour at the Salimpour School of Belly Dance, Berkeley CA, currently holding Level 2 certifications in both Suhaila and Jamila formats. Weekly technique and choreography classes in NY under Angelique Hanesworth, master instructor in the SSBD holding Level 5 in both formats. Touring member of SSBD professional dance company 2014-present. Guest dancer to live band 2015-present.

2015-present: studies under Lourdes Cruz and staff of Lourdes’ Dance, learning both Smooth and Latin in weekly technique classes. Weekly technique and choreography private lessons under John Derick Co, 2005 Senior Latin Blackpool Champion.

Teaching experience:
2010, 2014-2016: weekly belly dance classes focusing on technique and choreography. Designed and planned student showcases and routines. Current guest instructor and workshop instructor on per diem basis.

2019 GPDIA West Coast Swing Level 1
2010 Belly Dance: Jamila Format Level 2
2010 Belly Dance: Jamila Format Level 1
2009 Belly Dance: Suhaila Format Level 2
2007 Belly Dance: Suhaila Format Level 1